tai chi in the garden
tai chi in the garden

"I enjoy learning something new with lovely people and being able to move in a relaxed way is helpful to my health issues. I feel much calmer and less stressed after sessions"

Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (P/F&L/C)

TMW (Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing) is a specially developed sequence of movements which promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. With origins in both Tai Chi and Chi Kung, the TMW sequence distills elements of these arts into a simplified form. Completing the TMW series of moves and gestures takes just 10 minutes. And the beauty of TMW is that it can be practised both seated and standing, making its benefits accessible to all. 

TMW introduces gentle exercise, flexibility and balance and encompasses the approach of embodied mindfulness; this is designed to help manage distress, worry and anxiety – bringing a calmer and healthy mind in line with a balanced and healthier body.

Here at Longfield we offer classes where you can learn this sequence for yourself. Over 8 sessions we develop the sequence with a group so that they are confident in using the full sequence, or aspects of it independently.

‘Provided good practice tutorial experience and advice, and helped in every way.’

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