Why Volunteer for Longfield

Do something worthwhile- give back and contribute to a cause you believe in

This is your chance to give something back to your community. You may know someone who has used our services, or similar ones elsewhere, or you may have seen first-hand the benefit that our services provide. Every volunteering role supports our hospice and enables us to provide the services to our patients and carers free of charge.

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your actions are making a difference. Gain a sense of pride and satisfaction from supporting a cause you believe in. It’s good for your health and happiness

Volunteering boosts a sense of purpose and personal accomplishment. It can improve confidence and self-esteem. Being active can improve your physical wellbeing too. Making friends and being part of a team is a great way to improve your social life – many of our volunteers have formed great long-term friendships through volunteering at Longfield.

Learn new skills and gain experience

Volunteering is a great way to improve your career prospects and boost your CV. It creates a positive impression with employers and shows that you are innovative and motivated. It can develop your skills: communication skills are improved by dealing with a wide range of people, becoming part of a group builds teamwork and the role you take up may help you develop problem solving skills.

You may gain experience in areas you haven’t come across before. Being introduced to the retail division, fundraising, horticulture or hospice care can lead to inspiration for a new career and get you real-world on the job training.  

Tricia Henderson-Ross has been volunteering for Longfield since the early days and shares with us why she is so dedicated to giving her time to the hospice:

“I hear frequently the amazing stories of the support given to local people by Longfield, that I am proud to continue supporting the charity. I help as a volunteer receptionist, it is great to feel part of an incredible team, knowing that we are all helping local people at a difficult time of their life. I also fundraise through the Wotton Friends’ Supporter Group, which has been fundraising for our care since the very beginning. As well as bringing in essential funds by organising a variety of events, we act as ambassadors to spread the good work that the charity carries out every day.”

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