Remember someone special with a digital memory box

Losing a loved one is devastating. Nothing can take away the grief and loneliness, but keeping treasured memories close can help you through the most difficult days.

With Memory Box, you can create a free and personalised tribute to someone special. It takes just a few minutes to build a box online. Then comes the best bit – filling it up with love. Post your favourite photos, videos, messages and songs… anything that reminds you of the special person you are celebrating.

You can keep the box private, or send a link to family and friends, so they can see your memories and add theirs too. You can even share messages of love and support.

What’s more, if you or anyone you know is fundraising for Longfield in memory of your loved one, you can use their tribute to collect and record donations.

You can create a Memory Box at any time, whether your loss is recent or your loved one died many years ago.

For more information, call Becky or speak to any member of our friendly team on 01453 886868 or email

Create a free, personalised Memory Box in three easy steps:

  1. Create the box. Get started below.
  2. Fill it with love. Post your favourite photographs, videos, songs, anecdotes, and more.
  3. Share the love. Send the link to family and friends so they can add their memories too.

Search for a tribute fund

“It’s been comforting to read all the comments on Tim’s tribute page – and to raise so much money for Longfield in his name has been amazing.”  Jayne’s Memory Box is dedicated to her late husband Tim.

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