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Feedback and Complaints

To help us maintain our high standards of care, we’re always interested to hear from our patients and families about their experience of our service. Your feedback can help us to improve all aspects of our care.

We also welcome feedback about our education, retail and fundraising activities. Your comments show us what we need to change as well as what’s working well.

Please give us your feedback: you can do this by talking to a member of staff or contact us.

If you have a complaint, again please talk to a member of staff, to the senior manager of the department or email us directly at

You can read a copy of our Complaints and Feedback leaflet here.

I Want Great Care

We get regular feedback on the services we provide by asking people to complete a questionnaire at the end of a period of care. These are provided and analysed by an external company called iWantGreatCare. Please go to this website to see feedback on our services.

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