Nordic Walking (P/F&L/C)

The five ways of wellbeing encourage us to:

  • Connect (Talk and listen, be there, feel connected)
  • Be Active (Do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood)
  • Take Notice (Remember the simple things that give you joy)
  • Keep Learning (Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself)
  • Give (Your time, your words, your presence)

We feel that Nordic Walking is a great way to meet all of these areas. Keeping active is important both physically and for our mental wellbeing. Many people enjoy walking outdoors where they can engage with nature and enjoy the benefits of being out in the fresh air. Nordic walking adds the use of Nordic Walking poles, which means that there is greater use of the upper limbs whilst walking, therefore you exercise more of your body. Our groups will be led by Brad Blake who is a member of the International Nordic Walking Federation & British Nordic Walking Accredited Master Instructor.

We will provide all of the equipment needed to learn the technique of Nordic Walking, allowing people to try it without any outlay for the poles.

We intend to run the group in most weathers, however, we will cancel or stop sessions if there is a risk of lightening or strong winds.

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