"Your carers drove through a snowstorm to reach us"

Ray & Lisa

We helped Ray care for his wife Lisa – his soulmate for 50 years. Here, Ray describes the difference you make when you support our work.

“Lisa and I met at university when we were 18. She was arty and warm and I remember
feeling truly happy for the first time. Even when she was seriously ill with cancer, Lisa’s
personality shone through. The first time your carers came, Lisa was nervous. By the end of that visit, I could hear her chatting and laughing. She was expecting the care to be functional, and it was anything but functional. The visits were never rushed and the carers took the time to get to know both of us. They brought a breath of fresh air with them.

The day Lisa died it was snowing heavily. The team had to leave the car and walk the rest of the way to get to our house. I will always be grateful they made that journey. Lisa died, peacefully, after they arrived. The carers showed me such kindness, they were there for me 100 per cent. I had bereavement counselling with Longfield. It took nerve but I’ve learned you can’t put a brave face on loss. For me, counselling is a way to express my grief out loud. I’ll do anything I can to support Longfield. We’re lucky to have such a wonderful local hospice.”

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