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close up of pink hydrangea flower

"The paramedics will be pleased too as I always called them out when I became too fearful with my breathing. Since attending I have not called them as I am more confident in managing my breathlessness myself."

Living Well with Fatigue and Breathlessness (P)

If breathlessness is affecting aspects of your everyday life, or if fatigue is stopping you from doing the things you want to do, then this group may be of interest to you. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, you will benefit from attending this course if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • General tiredness and a feeling of having no energy
  • Breathlessness after only minimal exertion
  • Even the smallest chore feels like an enormous challenge
  • Feeling fearful, or experiencing panic when you become breathless
  • Lacking clarity of thought and/or feeling irritable when fatigued
  • Problems with sleep

Led by an experienced physiotherapist with support from other members of the team, we look together at a range of different areas that will help you feel in more control of your symptoms. Meeting as a group, those attending provide support and understanding to each other. You are also welcome to ask if a family member or friend can join you if you think they would also benefit from the discussions. Topics that we cover include:

  • Fatigue, and strategies to help manage it
  • Benefits of keeping active and less sedentary
  • Breathlessness and tips on how to regain control
  • Anxiety, what impact it has and focussing on what can help when this occurs
  • Future planning – whatever your situation
  • Maintaining a balanced diet to help with energy levels
  • Sleep, and how to rest well

Alongside discussing topics we also practice relaxations (some of which can be accessed through our website here.

Welcoming, warm, friendly, kindness, structured sessions, sound advice, confidence building, listened, shared, comforted….. amazing really, thank you so much’

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Have a look at some of the video testimonials and stories of patients who have benefitted from the hospice services.

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