hand massage
hand massage

"I had six sessions of Reiki which showed me a way forward in a profound way"

Complementary Therapy (P/F&L/C)

Complementary therapies can be provided as an outpatient as part of our Wellbeing Services and we offer massage, Reiki, and reflexology, designed to meet a patient’s individual needs.

Massage– this involves the application of gentle physical touch, which works to soothe and relieve muscular and nervous tension and can help to reduce anxiety.

Reflexology– this involves the application of gentle pressure to particular points on the feet or hands, known as reflexes, which corresponds to different parts of the body. Through this, the reflexologist aims to bring natural balance to the body and to promote deep relaxation.

Reiki– meaning “universal lifeforce” is a safe, gentle, and revitalising healing art, originating in Japan. It is a relaxing therapy that enhances the body’s natural ability to balance itself. During treatment, you may experience feelings of warmth, coolness, gentle tingling, or deep muscular relaxation.

Aromatherapy– this uses plant-derived essential oils which have particular qualities, so for instance, some may be uplifting and others may be calming. They can be used on their own or with the other therapies, to enhance their impact.

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