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Longfield Hospice’s Christmas Tree Recycling Triumph: A Heartwarming Success Story

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, Longfield Community Hospice is thrilled to announce the success of its recent Christmas tree recycling scheme, raising an impressive £68,429.15 in income. This remarkable achievement was celebrated during a special evening on January 24, where the hospice expressed gratitude to the countless volunteers and supporters who contributed to this eco-friendly fundraising campaign.

The initiative saw dedicated volunteers from the hospice collecting nearly 4,000 trees from households across Stroud district, Cirencester, and Gloucester. These trees were then transported to recycling sites at Rococo Gardens Painswick and Highfield Garden World. Local firms played a crucial role in chipping the trees, ensuring sustainable reuse, either for footpaths at Rococo Gardens or as biofuel.

A fleet of 68 donated vans and 168 volunteers undertook the ambitious task of collecting trees in just four days, covering extensive distances across the county. The collective effort of volunteers and donated vehicles resulted in significant cost savings, totaling £17,000. This underlines the indispensable role of local support in making such initiatives possible.

Numerous local businesses rallied behind the cause, demonstrating a strong sense of community involvement. Notable supporters included Enterprise, Stuart Lee Designs, Woodworks by Rory Taylor Made Services, and many others, all of whom contributed to the success of the campaign.

Louise Cook, Head of Fundraising and Marketing, expresses her joy, stating, “We are absolutely thrilled to have raised such an amazing amount with our Christmas Tree recycling scheme; it is a truly fantastic result!” She emphasizes the pivotal role played by volunteers and corporate partners, acknowledging their donation of vehicles, equipment, and time.

Despite the challenges faced in the past year, local businesses and volunteers rallied together, contributing to a 40% increase in income and a 28% rise in tree collections compared to the previous year. Cook highlights the hospice’s reliance on the local community for funding and expresses heartfelt thanks for the overwhelming support received.

The funds raised, a staggering £68,429.15, will play a crucial role in supporting Longfield Hospice’s mission to provide free care and support to over 2500 people across Gloucestershire each year. This financial backing ensures that the hospice can continue its vital work, offering care to patients with life-limiting conditions and providing support for their families and carers. The success of the Christmas tree recycling scheme not only exemplifies the community’s generosity but also reinforces the hospice’s commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those it serves

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