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Urgent Appeal 2023 – Margaret’s Story

Margaret from Stonehouse, remembered by daughter Carol.

Mum was cheerful, stoic and hardworking. She ran a corner shop with my Dad. Sadly, Dad died soon after they retired.  At 80, Mum moved from London to Gloucestershire to be near us. She joined the bowling club and the Women’s Institute. She created a new life for herself in her 80s.

At 91, Mum became unsteady on her feet and had a series of falls. She was admitted to hospital and never got out of bed again. She had liver cancer but it didn’t affect her mobility. I think she just decided it was her time.

The hospital organised a private care agency and discharged Mum. The staff were hurried with no time to talk. I felt great empathy for them. They clearly had too many people to look after.

When Longfield took over Mum’s care, the difference was incredible. I loved the way the carers spoke to mum, they were warm, friendly and human. The team came three times a day, including weekends. I couldn’t believe it when Longfield offered overnight care too. When the night carer came, I put my ear plugs in and slept soundly for the first time in weeks.

Mum died at home, calmly and peacefully just after her 92nd birthday. I feel utterly blessed that she received Longfield’s care at the end of her life.

At Longfield, our specialist nurses and healthcare assistants work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, delivering free and expert hospice care in the comfort of people’s homes. We want to raise £30,000 to provide 450 hours of hospice care in homes across Gloucestershire. Help us reach this goal by donating today!

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